I was listening to this bit of political discussion from “Meet The Press”.

Obama said something along the lines of “Reagan put America on an entirely new track, the Republicans had once been the party of ideas etc.”

At the end of that clip, it was natural to show Hillary and Edwards pillorying ( Hillary - Pillory, I like rhymes ) Obama for saying that Reagan had changed the game, had moved into new directions, had presaged a change in the zeitgeist. As Edwards wound up for his swing I mentally muted him. I didn’t care. Hillary then did the same thing winding up about, well hell, honestly, I don’t even remember anymore.

My point being is that Obama was looking gracious ( to say nothing of fresh and clean, Mr. Biden ) and, as noted in the commentary, gracious, of a superior cut of material; while Clinton and Edwards looked like cat squabbling outside of a rowdy bar where back-alley where a lit patron makes a makeshift bathroom behind a trash can.

And here is the secret, if he stays cool and collected, he may not have to get dirty in the tumble. He may turn out to have a coat of teflon or he may prove to be like Bre’r Fox: he can present a tar baby that the more mercurial can take several big old swings at, get mucked up in, and prevail in the tussle without so much as having gotten the sharp snap of the crease in his slacks weakend.