Friday I got an email from The League of Melbotis asking where I was and why he hadn’t heard from me in so long. I thought, surely this is some jest, I saw him just the other week…on…Halloween…40 days ago.

Forty days? It was hard to believe, but it is so, and my friends it’s because I’m in the home stretch on turning in my applications. I’m trying to wrangle up recommendations, get my writing sample done, do my second sample, and write a cohesive statement of purpose that makes the last 10 years seem like an integrated series of actions in an arc of intellectual development. Lauren commented that it’s almost like I’ve not had a weekend for the last 3 months. When it’s not work, it’s applications or sleep. I feel sorta like they should let you in strictly on the basis of having undertaken and juggled so much paperwork.

On the up side, much of the application is now done online, so it’s a bit of a surprise to me that the process is better than it could have been otherwise.