These last two weeks have been a pretty trying time chez Roth-Harms, what with internal organs going on the fritz, and then AWOL.

Fortunately during this time I had the help of my mom, who happened to be in town. It was with her help the house stayed a bit cleaner, a load or two of laundry got washed, spontaneous macro-organization occurred in the pantry and the fridge, and Lauren was greatly comforted. So, Mom, when you read this, thank you – despite the fact that I know you’ll say it was no trouble.

A a first testing of her “out-of-bed” legs, Lauren made the trip down to Serrano’s downtown for the birthday of our beloved LEAGUE OF MELBOTIS himself. It was surely the event of the season so we didn’t want to miss it.

Now Ryan is a modest fellow full of good cheer, and betimes, bar-b-que. To celebrate his birthday with him and the rest of the South Manchaca party crew was a real joy. But in the midst of conversation, and later mentioned by his lovely wife in her own blog post, Ryan mentioned that he and his brother had given serious contemplation to starring in a Ghosthunters like show on the Discovery Channel.

The thought of these two characters busting through the semi-rotted front door of a haunted Victorian, perhaps with a stray size 14EEE foot going through the screen door, with fearful eyes a-glisten as The Bus Boys’ boogie-woogie piano hit from the Ghostbusters score “Cleanin’ Up the Town” played, and as a Charles Schuz “Aggggg” was bellowed out their voluminous lungs damn near urged me to inhale my queso.

And I thought, when you have a friend whom you can imagine in madcap supernatural comedy, you have a good friend indeed. He and his wife showed us endless generosity, consideration, and selflessness while we were in the hospital. They are the kind of people who really know when to step in and put some color back in the day.

So in this season of Ryan’s birthday, I give thanks for this friendly buddha of our town.