I’m currently looking for new job opportunities as a full-stack web developer in NYC.

With over 17 years in technology I’ve tried out many different roles and technology and have been around long enough to see some of them come back a second time under a different name.

I’m exceedingly strong in Ruby and JavaScript (front- and back-end; Chrome Extensions). My primary web stack is Rails or Sinatra (because I want as many solved problems on my side as possible) but a web-server is a web-server and I’ve worked with Express as well.

I’m capable in Python.

I’m decently versed in JavaScript frameworks like React and Ember but am coming more and more to embrace simple ES6 applications doing simple work.

I’m exceedingly curious about functional programming and am learning SBCL Common Lisp at the moment.

I am often the designated git surgeon and spent time doing Unix systems administration.

I run this site as well (NGINX, iptables, etc.)

I have experience leading small teams (~3-5) of technologists.

Full resume at http://stevengharms.com/resume.